Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Good Scenes Happen to So-So Films (1)

Immortal Beloved is not a great film (what do you expect from the director of Candyman?), but there is a great scene that is paired with the "Ode To Joy". I remember being blown away by this scene when I saw it in the cinema (though it would have been better without the constant cutting back to frail Beethoven. We get it! He's moved and ill.).

To me, it is a great illustration of both our insignificance (cosmically speaking) and how we can infuse our lives with meaning with beauty and by considering our place in the universe.

Don't Ask, Don't Harmonize

How did I never know about this wonderfully subversive, hilarious routine from "Hair" (1979)? Presenting the sexual fluidity in such a funny way without overt comment is amazing. Never would be done today in such an effective and innocent way. Bravo M. Forman!